View what our residents and their families are saying about us at Adobe House

Tonight I will go to bed knowing that my mother is safe, warm and protected!

I will have the assurance that loving and kind caregivers will be watching over her and insuring her safety at all times.

My mother has dementia.

She isn't living in what some would term "our world", but she is living in her world and is allowed to function at that level with people who accept that and make no judgments.

Since my mother has joined the Adobe House Community all of our lives have been enriched.

I am now allowed to be my mother's daughter – not her full-time caregiver. We laugh and enjoy each other's company without the burden of attempting to perform daily activities of living that can be difficult. All the while she lives in a safe community where she is interacting with others who suffer from similar mind-altering medical conditions. She is more relaxed and no longer has to try to look, act and "be" okay. Her quality of life has been enhanced at Adobe House.

I am so relieved to know that Sonoma County offers such a superb quality of care for the memory impaired. I highly recommend Adobe House for its amazing reputation, quality caregivers and outstanding consistent, loving care to my loved one!

- K. Hicks, Daughter of Adobe House Resident

I went through an extensive search for a home for my mom, who has advanced dementia. She was once a very successful businesswoman and I wanted a home for home for her where she was treated well, and challenged a mind that still had its moments of lucidity. After 23 different home visits I found Adobe House. Jaime met me, and showed me around, and I talked to the staff, watched the activities, then asked if we could paint one wall my mom's favorite color, and on moving day...there it was.

I visit her several times a week, as do my siblings, it is such a relief to me, that is hard to explain except to those that need to care for those they love, that can't care for themselves. She is content, well fed, has made friends, feels like she has lived there for years, and anytime you go into the house, the residents are welcome in all the offices, with a smile and a bunch of laughs. The med tech team is remarkable.

I am grateful beyond explanation, for this solution, as is my extended family. We have found a home for our mom, who has done such a good job of looking after all of us her whole life.

Thank you Adobe! This is a house of saints.

- J. Lyon, Daughter of Adobe House Resident

Our mother became a resident April 7th of this year and she has adjusted well to her new life at Adobe House. The staff are very attentive and caring. Management has been responsive and professional. The facility is clean, functional in design and particularly nice with all of the light, flowers and central courtyard. The food is fresh and thoughtfully prepared.

We chose Adobe House specifically because it is a 100% memory care facility where all staff learn how to care for dementia residents with appropriate and differentiated care depending on residents level of need. All of these factors are very important to us, and we feel that they support our mother's -- and other residents -- happiness and well-being.

- S. Levi, Daughter of Adobe House Resident