Social Life at Adobe House

What is more important to us than our friends and family? Our human connections bring more joy to our lives than anything else. At Adobe House, not only do we foster caring relationships with our residents, but we provide ample opportunities for our residents to enjoy the company of their peers, welcome visits from friends and family, and be involved in the community.

Our enriching activities program includes a variety of programs designed to cater to our resident's 6 Pillars of needs, including: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and purposeful. Some of our recent and upcoming activities include:

  • Bingo
  • Chair yoga
  • Riding in a community parade
  • Outings to the beach or to get ice cream
  • Fourth of July Barbecue
  • Music
  • Arts and crafts
  • Reading group

In addition to our holiday parties and feasts, summer barbecues, dinners and picnics, there are also planned outings to the beach, the ice cream shop, visiting the senior center in the community and other destinations around Historic Downtown Petaluma.

Riding in a parade might not be what comes to mind when one imagines activities for a Memory Loss Community, but it was on the agenda at Adobe House! Our residents were delighted to not only to be in the community Veterans Parade, but to be treated to a first class ride in a limousine.

When leaving the community is not convenient, our residents can still socialize and get exercise by strolling along our walking path or stirring up a game of croquet in our lovely courtyard. And we try to bring the zoo to our residents with our huge aviary, housing our two cockatiels.

With so many activities and ample opportunities for visiting and enjoy each other's company, the residents at Adobe House never find themselves bored or lonely. We strive to create opportunities for fun and enjoyment everyday!