Dining at Adobe House

Who among us does not look forward to a delicious and relaxing meal with friends and family? Our residents can enjoy this luxury daily at Adobe House. Using nutritious ingredients, our kitchen is equipped to provide our residents with delectable meals and healthy snacks regularly throughout the day. The stress of preparing a meal, which can become difficult and dangerous for sufferers of memory loss, is alleviated at Adobe House.

Large dining areas are available inside and out for a meal with friends or family. Enjoying the beautiful Petaluma weather and a delicious meal is easy in our outdoor courtyard dining areas. Visiting family members and guests are always welcome to join in, or to bring in their own snacks or meals as well.

Although our residents can visit the kitchen for a bite anytime, the kitchen offers regular mealtimes and snack times. Having a regular meal schedule helps our residents maintain their daily consistency and provides better opportunities for socialization. Special diets are no problem either. We understand that residents' dietary needs vary and we are happy to accommodate.

As wonderful as most daily meals are at Adobe House, they are even more special during the holidays. Traditional Christmas and Thanksgiving feasts are prepared for our residents to enjoy. Of course family members and friends are welcome to join in the fun and enjoy the celebratory dinners, whether they be a traditional Thanksgiving turkey or a festive Fourth of July barbecue.

Keeping our community as much like home as possible ensures the lives of residents are more joyous and comfortable. We make sure our dining experiences lend to that happiness and comfort.